McDowell Impact, McDowell County's first-ever peer support program, is an innovative, multiagency collaboration utilizing peer support specialists to promote and support recovery.

McDowell Impact supports individuals across McDowell County who struggle with substance use and co-occurring challenges like infectious disease, family separation, chronic homelessness and overdose. Our certified peer support specialists help their community to navigate recovery and access resources to keep them safe, healthy and connected.

Peer Supports are co-located at:

1. McDowell Mission Ministries to reduce homelessness by supporting those transitioning into permanent housing from homelessness and promoting their independence.
2. McDowell County Department of Social Services to support families at risk for foster care placement and to increase the number of families reunified.
3. McDowell County EMS- Community Paramedic Program to support those who have experienced overdose, or are at high risk of overdose, and to increase access to treatment and immediate support.
4. McDowell Access to Care and Health (MATCH) to connect those diagnosed with infectious diseases, including Hepatitis C, to appropriate and effective treatment.

Program Materials

McDowell Impact Information Sheet

Area served

• McDowell County

To request services or make a referral

Call 828.237.3502

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Program Goals

• Breaking Stigma in our community
• Decreasing Isolation directly related to stigma
• Growing resources in our community
• Building a strong recovery community and a united effort to combat substance use and its effects in our community.


• Individual recovery support
• Peer-led recovery groups
• Assistance with accessing community resources
• Transportation
• Linkage to services
• Harm reduction services
• Narcan training and distribution